Food To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

May 22, 2016

One of the most interesting findings in all the research done on the link between diet and periodontal disease is that the less refined and less grain-based the diet, and the higher the intake of raw unprocessed vegetables the healthier the patients’ teeth are. Even without regular access to a dentist! (And it is also […]

Enhance Your Memory With These Tips And Tricks

March 16, 2016

Having a good memory is key to living a healthy life. Exercising your brain is crucial to keeping it sharp and capable and this can be accomplished a number of ways. This article will show you some information that can help you improve your memory, step by step. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as […]

The Effects of Getting Old, and How To Deal With Them

February 28, 2016

No one is ever able to stop the aging process. As you grow older, you want to spend your time wisely doing worthwhile activities. The information in the following article will allow you to learn how to properly take care of your body and mind as you grow old. Exercise The amount of exercise you […]

Ibuprofen adds 12 years to life! Cheap painkillers can slow ageing and fight disease

January 20, 2015

CHEAP over-the-counter painkiller may have astonishing powers to extend life, say researchers. By  JO WILLEY Regular doses of ibuprofen could allow people to live up to 12 years longer. In tests, the drug appears to hold back the ageing process as well as helping fight disease. Ibuprofen, which is used every day at home by […]

How Exercise Keeps Us Young

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Active older people resemble much younger people physiologically, according to a new study of the effects of exercise on aging. The findings suggest that many of our expectations about the inevitability of physical decline with advancing years may be incorrect and that how we age is, to a large degree, up to […]

The starvation hormone increases lifespan

by P. D. Mangan in Rogue Health and Fitness A very neat paper shows that transgenic mice made to overexpress a certain hormone live much longer than wild type mice: The starvation hormone, fibroblast growth factor-21, extends lifespan in mice. First of all, I’ll just emphasize something from the title of the paper, namely that fibroblast growth factor, […]

Daily Routine Is Important For A Healthy Lifestyle

January 7, 2015

The key to stay motivated and have a healthy mind/body connection is a daily routine which is very important. To some, the thought of a routine sounds boring and rigid, but in truth, routine creates overall well-being and happiness. Here some tips to keep you motivated: 1. Have choices that can benefit you. always think […]

Study suggests vitamin D may prevent prostate tumor growth

November 3, 2014

By Dr. David B. Samadi Published October 29, 2014 New evidence suggests spending more time in the sun could make things brighter for men with prostate cancer. Researchers have found that vitamin D can help block a protein that causes prostate cancer tumors to grow. According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most […]

Why slowing the aging process could save the U.S. trillions

October 8, 2014

BY SARAH CORAPI  October 7, 2013 Finding the fountain of youth might never happen. But new research shows that slowing down the aging process could be an imminent reality — and one that should be taken seriously. As discussed in a new study in the journal Health Affairs, research is emerging about the aging process […]

Delayed aging is better investment than cancer, heart disease research

by Suzanne Wu in USC News October 7, 2013 On the heels of an announcement from Google that the company’s next startup, Calico, will tackle the science of aging, a new study showed that research to delay aging and the infirmities of old age would have better population health and economic returns than advances in individual fatal diseases […]