Capture Special Moments with the Right Photographers

July 29, 2014

Even with the proliferation of digital cameras and cell phone cameras, for certain special occasions in life when it is time to call in the professional photographers. Whether it is a wedding, or a senior picture, a professional photographer will make sure the moment is captured for prosperity. The reason to turn to a professional […]

Wonders Of Exercising On Your Body

July 25, 2014

There are many health articles that you get to read on magazines, newspapers, on the internet and through many other mediums. Some of them give you some good information, which might help you in some way. Some of them are just random ones, picked up from somewhere. You will also find articles that will tell […]

4 reasons you need long-term care insurance

July 22, 2014

By Stephen Williams @ MarketWatch It shouldn’t come as a surprise that health care costs are among the leading concerns on people’s minds when nearing retirement. The average couple retiring in 2014 can expect to pay $220,000 to $240,000 in health-care costs during the course of their retirements, according to a new estimate from Fidelity […]

10 things retirement communities won’t tell you

July 21, 2014

By Elizabeth O’Brien, MarketWatch  Active-adult communities, assisted-living facilities, continuing-care retirement communities — that’s just the tip of the jargon iceberg for places people 55 and over might spend their golden years. And since each facility uses different terms and has different pricing structures, comparison-shopping becomes very difficult. Read the whole thing.

Essential Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer

July 19, 2014

A good personal trainer helps you take proper care of your body, and shows you different ways to improve your fitness performance to help you reach your fitness goals effectively. Basically, a job of a personal fitness trainer is to lead, instruct and motivate you in your personal interest to stay fit and healthy. Personal […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Prescription Medicines

July 15, 2014

Five Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Prescription Medicines With the explosion of fatty foods over the last twenty to thirty years, it is no surprise that cholesterol levels are higher than they have ever been in certain demographics. In a world of feed me now fast foods, it doesn’t take long to find yourself […]

Do You Need a Daily Vitamin?

Do You Need a Daily Vitamin? Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can help you get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep your body packed with the tools it needs to stay healthy. Choosing a vitamin, like Centrum, supplements your diet. Here are just some of the problems […]

Aspirin May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk

June 27, 2014

By NICHOLAS BAKALAR, NYT, JUNE 26, 2014 12:05 AM A new study adds to the evidence that low-dose aspirin, known to reduce the risk for heart disease, may also reduce the risk for pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer has a 93 percent fatality rate, and the National Cancer Institute estimates there will be about 46,000 new […]

How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Age

June 24, 2014

By LAURA LANDRO @ The Wall Street Journal  Experts Are Looking Into Promising Treatments for Muscle Decline. But There Are Things You Can Do About It Now. Muscle strength is one of the keys to healthy aging, yet after we achieve peak mass in our early 40s, it’s pretty much downhill from there. Most people […]

Brain games that could pay off in retirement

June 19, 2014

ELIZABETH O’BRIEN’S RETIRE WELL at MarketWatch Some activities and exercises show promise in fighting dementia. We all know that exercise helps keep our hearts healthy, but what keeps our brains in top form? Researchers are working overtime to answer this question, as the boomers grow older and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease remains elusive. The good […]