Capture Special Moments with the Right Photographers

Even with the proliferation of digital cameras and cell phone cameras, for certain special occasions in life when it is time to call in the professional photographers. Whether it is a wedding, or a senior picture, a professional photographer will make sure the moment is captured for prosperity. The reason to turn to a professional is with most special moments, they only come once and there is only one chance to capture that moment. Why trust them to anyone but a professional photographer?

The professionals work with professional equipment, sets, and imaging software. They have the right cameras, lenses, lighting, and most of all experience and expertise. A professional photographer knows which lens to use for close-ups, group shots, and informal, action shots. They know how to use the subject and the lighting to make sure the shots look good. A professional photographer is there to do the job, do it well, and free up the guests to have a good time at the event, not spend their time behind a camera.

Finding the right professional photographer can be a daunting task but with a little research and legwork, finding the right photographer is possible. First, decide on the budget and the photographs desired, and then start making a list of potential photographers.

Friends and family are a good resource for potential photographers. Ask anyone who is had a special occasion which photographer used and about the experience with the photographer. Was the photographer professional, as in on time for the event and prepared to take the photographs agreed on? Were the photographs pleasing and the ones contracted for? These and other questions can save time when constructing a list of potential photographers.

If friends and family do not produce a winning photographer, the internet is another good resource. You can easily search for available photographer in your area. Type in the relevant search phrase such as ‘photographers Melbourne Australia‘ into a search engine and be prepared for the results. There will be pages of results and a good rule of thumb is to look beyond the first page of findings. A photographer’s website ending up in the first page of results might be more due to the web designer’s skill at SEO, search engine optimization, than the beauty of the pictures.

Once a list of potential photographers is assembled, the next stage is to meet the photographers. Visits to the photographer’s studios will provide a wealth of information. Have a list of questions for the photographer as well as the budget and list of photographs desired. Make notes to review later after visiting all of the photographers. Once the photographers have been visited, choose the one best for the job and book them. Book early as good photographers are reserved months in advance.

Finding the right photographer for a special event can be a daunting task but the payoff will be worth it. Looking at the photographs that beautifully captured the special moments of the event is a joy that will last for years to come.

July 29, 2014


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