Do You Need a Daily Vitamin?

Do You Need a Daily Vitamin?

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can help you get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep your body packed with the tools it needs to stay healthy. Choosing a vitamin, like Centrum, supplements your diet. Here are just some of the problems that adding a daily vitamin can help.

Iron Deficiency

Some people are iron-deficient. This could be due to a lack of iron in the diet. It may also be due to other medical conditions that prevent the body from absorbing the iron it needs from daily food intake. Your doctor can check your iron level to ensure you are getting the right amount. If you aren’t, an iron-fortified daily vitamin can help to regulate your levels.

Lactose Intolerance

People who are lactose intolerant may not get the required daily calcium intake. Other foods, such as leafy green vegetables, contain iron. However, you may not want to eat salad all day. Some people take prescription medications for heart conditions that preclude them from eating these foods. Adding a calcium supplement helps to build the body’s calcium level. Calcium is needed for bone health, so be sure you are getting the right amount every day.


Being pregnant isn’t a problem, but it is a condition that requires extra nutrition. Doctors recommend women take prenatal vitamins that are rich with folic acid and other vital nutrients. These vitamins and minerals are needed to help mom and baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the right Centrum vitamin for your specific needs if you are pregnant.

Weight Loss Surgery

If you have a gastric bypass surgery or any other weight loss surgery, vitamins will become part of your daily regimen. Your body is no longer able to extract the nutrients it needs from the foods you eat. A daily vitamin is critical for maintaining you calcium and protein levels. Talk to your doctor about how to handle your diet after surgery. Ask which vitamins you need so you can choose the multivitamin pill that is best for you and your body.


Being a vegetarian can be great for your health. There are, however, some issues that you will need to address. You may not be getting enough calcium or protein in your diet. Add vegetarian-friendly foods that are packed with these nutrients to help your body stay healthy. Consider adding a daily multivitamin to keep your nutrient levels stable.

Taking a Centrum every day gives your body the extra boost it needs to stay in great shape. When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, a daily multivitamin is your best bet to fight off disease and boost your strength and energy levels.

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